SHIELD Construction

We study, plan, assess and execute projects for comprehensive home renovations, building refurbishment and residential construction oriented towards high quality finishes. With our Shield method we ensure that with robust prior coordination and exhaustive planning, we meet delivery times and achieve the quality required by the client and/or design team.

shield construction
  • Luxury / high quality building
  • Complete renovations
  • Project Management (We manage, plan and organise complete projects from the conceptual phase to completion, legalisation and commissioning).
  • Construction management
  • Project monitoring
  • Sustainable Building (Passivhaus Method)
  • Industrialised building (Off site manufacturing)
  • On-site development

    Luxury construction

    Luxury building is a field in constant evolution and innovation. What was once a luxury item is now a staple. With the help of technology, luxury construction has become more accessible to the masses. Another innovation that is becoming popular in luxury construction is the use of smart technology. This technology allows homeowners to control their homes from their smartphones or tablets. This convenience and peace of mind are just some of the reasons why luxury construction is becoming more popular than ever.

    Sustainable Building (Passivhaus Method)

    The latest innovation in luxury construction is the use of sustainable materials. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also increase the resale value of the home.

    As the world advances, so does our technology. We are constantly finding new ways to make our lives easier and more efficient. The same is true for the construction industry. In the past, builders used whatever materials they had on hand to construct a house or building. Today, we can be more selective with our materials and how we use them.

    One sustainable building method that is gaining popularity is the Passivhaus method. This method focuses on creating a highly insulated and airtight building envelope. In doing so, it greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the space. This is not only good for the environment, but also saves money on your energy bills.

    If you are looking to build a sustainable home or office, the Passivhaus method is definitely worth considering.

    This type of construction is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and North America, as it allows for a faster and more efficient building process. In addition, industrialised building can help reduce environmental impact, as fewer materials are wasted during the construction process.

    While there are many benefits to industrialised construction, there are also some challenges to consider. For example, it can be difficult to coordinate the delivery of materials and components, and quality control of these elements is critical. In addition, workers may need to be trained in new methods and techniques to work effectively in this type of environment.

    A high-tech form of construction known as prefabrication is gaining popularity as a way to speed up the construction process and reduce costs.

    Prefabrication is the assembly of building components in a factory environment before they are shipped to the job site. This allows for a faster and more efficient construction process, as well as greater quality control. Prefabricated components can also be easily customised to meet the specific needs of a project.

    Only the most experienced and reputable construction companies can meet these expectations.

    While prefabrication is not suitable for all types of construction, it can be a valuable tool for developers looking to save time and money on their projects. With the right planning and execution, prefabrication can help make your construction project a success.

    Industrialised building (Off site manufacturing)

    As the construction industry becomes more competitive, developers are looking for ways to save time and money. One way of doing this is through the use of off-site manufacturing.

    High-quality integral reforms

    The construction of luxury homes has increased in recent years as more and more people look for ways to improve their quality of life. While this trend is great news for the construction industry, it also means that there is increasing demand for refurbishments with high standards of quality, safety and comfort as well as the use of the best possible materials and workmanship.