SHIELD Consultoría e Ingeniería

We have extensive experience in drafting refurbishment projects for companies and brands, both nationally and internationally. From the preliminary draft, basic project, basic health and safety study… to the execution project, legalisations, expert reports on construction defects and flaws…

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  • Integrated project management
  • Project drafting
  • Technical Due Diligence (Hotels, retail, offices, sports centres…)
  • Legalisations (processing and management of building licences, responsible declarations, activity licences, opening licences).
  • Next Generation grants as an agent of rehabilitation
  • Appraisals of faults and defects in real estate.
  • Energy efficiency certificates
  • Technical inspections in buildings
  • Second Occupancy Licence

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    Consulting and Engineering

    As the construction industry has become more complex, the role of construction consultants has evolved. Construction consultants are now involved in all aspects of a project, from the initial planning stages through to the completion of construction.

    Working with architects and engineers, construction consultants provide advice on feasibility, design, costs and construction methods. We also work with clients to develop project briefs and specifications. Once the project is underway, we provide on-site support and advice, ensuring that construction runs smoothly and on schedule.

    With our in-depth knowledge of the construction process, upstream consultancy actions on a project play a vital role in ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget and to the required specifications.

    Consultoria Ingenieria Shield Solutions


    The legalisation of construction projects is a process that requires the management of several licences: building licences, responsible declarations, activity licences and opening licences. This process can be time-consuming and difficult, but it is important to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

    By following the proper steps and declarations, we can ensure that your construction project is legal. Even after the project is completed, it is important to keep up to date with activity licenses to maintain the legality of the construction.

    licencias legalizacion shield solutions

    Technical inspections in buildings

    The purpose of an inspection is to identify any deficiencies or defects in a building. Once these problems have been identified, they can be corrected before they cause problems and thus ensure the safety of the occupants.

    These inspections are carried out by a qualified professional engineer, who is familiar with the requirements of current law and experienced in identifying potential defects.

    During a technical inspection, the engineer will examine the building structure and identify any potential defects that may pose a safety hazard. Once these defects are identified, recommendations will be made on how to repair or correct them.

    It is important to note that technical inspections are not intended to be a substitute for regular maintenance and repairs. Rather, they should be seen as an additional layer of protection.